The pandemic has taken its toll on the world, and we are not excluded from its destructive effects.

Health and safety is of critical importance to us and we do our best to protect our employees and our neighbours’ from COVID-19 by respecting and adhering to the recommendations set by Government.

In our endeavour to manage the process with the attention it requires, we have appointed Jannie Linde as our COVID-19 Compliance Officer. We can proudly report that we have the following in place:

  1. Daily Screenings
  2. Social Distancing
  3. Wearing of Masks
  4. Good Hygiene
  5. Screening before entering taxis or busses @ 70% capacity
  6. Work from home – if possible
  7. Restrictions on face-to-face meetings
  8. Risk assessment for vulnerable employees
  9. Covid-19 Induction and Information
  10. Facial Recognition Time & Attendance System
  11. Tracking and Tracing
  12. Weekly Reporting
  13. Sharing of information regarding COVID
  14. Assist Employees where possible