4Arrows Mining

Reimagining Excellence

Our Values


We foster freedom in responsibility.


We are committed to work effectively and successfully with skill and efficiency.

Respect & Teamwork

We are an interdependent team that lives respect.


We are our "brothers" keeper.  

Making the impossible possible.

Loading, hauling, crushing – we move earth – 5,5 million tons per month. 

Our team of innovative and creative individuals, paired with the raw strength and state-of-the-art yellow machines make this possible.

We are in the business of:

Open Cast Mining
Minerals Processing

Specialty engineering services

Asset management
on mine logistics

equipment solutions

Our service delivery revolves around the personal relationships we build with our clients, which enables us to grasp and understand their unique needs and requirements.

Main Services delivered:

Supplementary Services delivered:

Construction Management
Mine Planning


Safe and Responsible Execution

Culture of Excellence


Integrated Technology

What makes 4Arrows different:

We use the best equipment

Every project we take on, no matter the location, has the best on the market for the job. This not only serves as a better office for our people, but also moves material faster.

We have the best people

Our people love what they do. Going above and beyond for clients and the team and having fun while doing it is engrained in our culture.

We do it right

Our team of experienced mining professionals take care of everything from start to finish. We have the time and the expertise to help however we can.

Always safe

We spare no expense when it comes to safety. Safety is a top priority on all projects.

The latest technology

We map our projects with drones to ensure quantities are 100% accurate – you get what you pay for.

Visible Data

The Digital Age has made the world more intuitive and more vulnerable than ever before. Robustly accumulating data every minute and hour of the operation is as important as the mining itself. Using cutting-edge technology and industry-leading expertise, we transform the data into a language that helps answer critical questions, make more informed decisions and maintain our efficiency.